Phantom Dwellings is part poem, part travelogue, and part social critique, culminating in a highly collaborative architectural practice across remote territories in Australia, Japan, Ecuador, Chile and Brazil. 


Our architectural works often take place within a concern for the critical stewardship of remote and rural landscapes, and for whole-of-life stories. 

“There is a quote by Nicanor Parra: 'Chile, before a country, is a landscape.' I always had the feeling [that these words apply equally well to Australia], but I never realized that there was so much in common... it’s really interesting this “nearness” as I call it. We have so much to learn from each other. (...) Also, I think Australians have to learn more from the sensitivity of Indigenous people, then you will be respectful of the landscape. And from that you realize that it is sacred and that it supports culture, and life. It’s really important to understand the meaning of that – to ritualize and not demystify the land.“ — Cazú Zegers