EAa Board (more appointments forthcoming in late-2018)

Kate Bennett is an independent sustainable development consultant and Managing Director of Somos21, a not-for-profit organisation inspiring action and collaboration between young Australian and Latin American professionals. An individual member of ALABC since 2011, Kate joined the Board in 2015 to promote partnerships for sustainable development between the two regions and to enhance the profile of ALABC within the “young professional” demographic.

Kate has worked with various ASX listed companies operating both in Australia and overseas to enhance their sustainability performance, and is now working as Senior Advisor - Sustainability Research and Innovation at RMIT, driving the synergies and cross-sectoral collaboration required to deliver transformative sustainable development outcomes globally.Kate also sits on the Board of Stop the Traffik Australia, Australia’s leading coalition movement in the fight against human trafficking and the Australian Alliance for Energy Productivity (A2EP), a cross-sectoral coalition of environmental leaders promoting energy efficiency, energy productivity and decentralised energy.



Dr Graham Wise is a co-founding Board Member and founding Vice-President of Innovation at a new emblematic public university of Ecuador. Ikiam University has been established de-novo in the Amazon rainforest, at the base of a 93,000 Ha cloud-forest reserve, having a specialist focus on natural resources management and sustainable development.


Previously, Dr Wise established and led the Research Development unit of Griffith University, Australia. Over a period of three years that unit helped to secure over $230 million in resources for cross-disciplinary programs and infrastructure to drive institutional strategy. The experience of Dr Wise in Australia and internationally, provides insight for campus development, strategic planning, and industry positioning to enhance organizational vision in challenging economic and policy environments.


Graham was later the lead author of a Federal government report on how regional universities drive regional innovation in Australia, which involved an extensive survey of changing regional social landscapes in relation to Higher Education access and upskilling.


As a 2013 Australian Endeavor Award Fellow in the Northeastern US, and later as an Ecuadorian Prometeo Fellow, Dr Wise has worked with leading universities and global R&D companies to investigate world best practice in university-industry engagement. In his current role, Dr Wise is developing Ikiam’s international research and innovation platform to drive academic excellence, regional distinctiveness and industry impact to strengthen Ikiam’s international competitiveness.


Simon Goodrich is one of the co-founders of Portable.


Over the past 10 years, Simon has been committed to solving complex problems across the finance, legal, community and health sectors both here in Australia and the US. Simon serves as the Australian Ambassador for the New York-based Webby Awards (the Oscars for online) sits on the board of HISA, the digital health peak body, leading their innovation portfolio.


He is an active mentor in the Melbourne University Accelerator Program, supporting innovative start ups and is an Adjunct Fellow at the Sir Zelman Cowan Centre at Victoria University, supporting innovation in the justice space.


He is past National President of AIMIA, at the time the peak digital body in Australia.

Cazú Zegers is a widely-renowned architect from Chile, committed to re-imaginging landscape and creating intercultural dialogues in a post-colonial Global South.

Searching for an expressive architecture, closely related to Chile, its territory, landscape and traditions. Hence, the work developed by the firm, is not designed to be a “finished work”, but a “work in progress” that involves a poetic reflection about the way we inhabit the territory. In a way, these are “prototypes in the territory” (Monographic book, published by Ediciones ARQ on 2008).

She has a unique way of undertaking the design process, starting from the relationship between poetry and architecture.