The Phantom Dwellings Workshop Series

A series of immersive, multidisciplinary 

architecture workshops across remote territories in Australia, Chile, Ecuador and Brazil.


It is an initiative of the transnational dialogue ALAS, Australian-Latin American Stewarships.

The Phantom Dwellings series emerged from an interest in political geographies as encodings of landscapes, and transformed into a pattern of dialogue that follows these encoded landscapes into other territories that share urgent post-colonial legacies. 

In doing so, our masterclasses are able to contribute credit points for degree programs in related areas of study, as well as CDP points for professional architects engaged in professional development for their registration. 


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Upcoming Workshops 2019 (Click each Masterclass to see a detailed overview)

Tena, Ecuador - Ikiam

Cazú Zegers

August 15-29, 2019

Hutt Lagoon - Port Gregory


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